martes, 14 de marzo de 2017


Morichal Corp visits Colombia

On November of 2016, Morichal Corp was invited to several seminars that took place in Bogota, Colombia at the Best Western Hotel Plus located in Parque de la 93. Morichal Corp´s General Manager Mr. Thierry Dumoulin assisted to this event with the Morichal Corp sales team that represent the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Atlantic regions of Latin America.

Mr. Alex Fernández who is a specialist in the paper market in Latin America was the spokesperson on several subjects. Mr. Fernández gave several presentations on sales improvement, and his main topics of interest were on the changes in the current market situation and he made special reference on reviewing future strategies that can be taken on one’s main clients.

Mr. Fernández had the courtesy of accompanying Morichal Corps sales team to several meetings with potential clients, and seemed very interested in Morichal Corps proposal. Mr. Jonathan García, Morichal Corp´s sales representative for the Pacific Region (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Chile) is in charge of these countries and will be visiting these countries on a monthly basis in order to give custom made and specialized service in this matter .

Another very important subject that was taken into account was the analysis and acceptance of making an internet platform for Morichal Corp in order to sell paper products through the web and give the clients the option of ordering and paying though the internet. This idea seems very promising and it will add another interesting feature for acquiring the product.

Morichal Corp has once again demonstrated with this visit to Colombia that it is working hard, learning, selling and creating connections , so it can continue to grow and expand.

lunes, 16 de enero de 2017


El Gerente General de Morichal Corp, el Sr. Thierry Dumoulin, fue invitado este Diciembre del 2016 a la fábrica de la Bobst en Florencia, Italia donde pudo ver la fabricación de sus maquinas de impresión. Los modelos M son máquinas especializadas en hacer etiquetas e impresiones. El Director de Ventas de Bobst, el Sr. Maurizio Trecate, y el Ing. Giorgio Deliziosi, ambos hicieron una presentación de las ventajas de esta máquina para hacer etiquetas e impresiones Flexo sobre la competencia. Durante esta visita, hubo un consenso que el modelo más indicado para el mercado latinoamericano era el modelo MX. En vista de llegar a esta conclusión, Morichal Corp hizo una oferta sobre una máquina de este tipo.

La invitación a esta fábrica fue producto de la visita a la Feria Internacional de DRUPA que ocurrió en el 2016, donde Morichal Corp mostro especial interés en una maquina modelo M6 en pleno funcionamiento de esta prestigiosa marca suiza.

Morichal Corp tiene interés en comprar una de estas máquinas de este tipo y ponerla a producir en la ciudad de Miami para el mercado Caribeño y de Centro América. Morichal Corp con esta adquisición podrá ofrecerle un producto más a su cartera de clientes.

Morichal Corp a través de sus constantes ganas de innovar le da la oportunidad a sus clientes de tener otro producto más al alcance de sus manos y también permite crear nuevas fuentes de trabajo en diferentes partes del mundo.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017


MORICHAL CORP decided to make it part of its business practices to be active and socially responsible in the communities it sells to; be it by choosing suppliers that show ethical standards for its workers and ecological ones for its products and processes, giving credits and financing products that promote free press like newsprint, plates and ink, or by making donations to foundations that impact directly the lives of people.  
Morichal Corp is proud to be making a difference in several organizations in the world among which are the following:
Orfelinato San Jose de Malambo and Fundacion Amigos del Niño con Leucemia y Cáncer in Panama; Fundacion Una mano para la vida and Hospital Luis Razzetti in the city of Puerto la Cruz , Venezuela and monthly donations to Aspca in the U.S.
As a first and timid step in this direction, Morichal Corp made various donations this year to hospital Luis Razzetti, located in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela where children suffering with cancer are taken care of. This was done working through a nonprofit organization called “Una Mano para la Vida” (A hand for life) also based in the state of Anzoategui, Venezuela.  
This foundation reaches directly to the most needed and organizes a list of medicines and consumables of the hospital needs. Morichal Corp delivers the goods directly to the children in the hospital. 
In November 2016, Morichal Corp also had the opportunity visit and help an orphanage just outside Panama City, called Casa Hogar San Jose de Malambo. The donation consisted of food and a check. This orphanage as many of them, are making a contribution to society, while so many children are left alone in the world. 
Morichal Corp organized a team of three to take care of these donations: Mrs. Aura Lander, Mr. Jose Lemos and Mr. Thierry Dumoulin, who have committed distributing medicines, food and checks this year and plan to continue doing so onward.  
The U.S., Panama and Venezuela are the first countries where Morichal Corp has begun it's donations.   The objective is to work with local foundations while Morichal Corp opens its own “HRMG Foundation” in order to help others in need. 
“Giving a hand out to the people most in need is not only consonant with the spirit of our time but must be a responsibility of each and every one of us to play our role” states Mr. Dumoulin.   We encourage everyone who reads this article to do the same. The reward comes from the sincere gratitude of the children that reflect happiness in their faces when they are   given help when they least expect it.  Every bit of time and effort that is put into this type of event is well worth it.