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Morichal Corp visits Colombia

On November of 2016, Morichal Corp was invited to several seminars that took place in Bogota, Colombia at the Best Western Hotel Plus located in Parque de la 93. Morichal Corp´s General Manager Mr. Thierry Dumoulin assisted to this event with the Morichal Corp sales team that represent the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Atlantic regions of Latin America.

Mr. Alex Fernández who is a specialist in the paper market in Latin America was the spokesperson on several subjects. Mr. Fernández gave several presentations on sales improvement, and his main topics of interest were on the changes in the current market situation and he made special reference on reviewing future strategies that can be taken on one’s main clients.

Mr. Fernández had the courtesy of accompanying Morichal Corps sales team to several meetings with potential clients, and seemed very interested in Morichal Corps proposal. Mr. Jonathan García, Morichal Corp´s sales representative for the Pacific Region (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Chile) is in charge of these countries and will be visiting these countries on a monthly basis in order to give custom made and specialized service in this matter .

Another very important subject that was taken into account was the analysis and acceptance of making an internet platform for Morichal Corp in order to sell paper products through the web and give the clients the option of ordering and paying though the internet. This idea seems very promising and it will add another interesting feature for acquiring the product.

Morichal Corp has once again demonstrated with this visit to Colombia that it is working hard, learning, selling and creating connections , so it can continue to grow and expand.

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